Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Giving The Mentally Ill A Megaphone

... might not be such a good idea for anyone.

Rachel Dolezal is a white woman who "self-identifies" as a black. She's clearly a loon. Her race is objective reality and she refuses to accept that. She's like the drunk lunatic I once met in a bus depot who told me he was Mario Andretti's test driver.

The difference between her and the drunk is that she's delusional about race. Dittos for Bruce Jenner. The difference between Bruce and the drunk is that he's delusional about sex. Sex and race are magic somehow and all judgment is thrown out the window where they're concerned. Both Rachel and Bruce can find a large number of people who will cater to their delusions because Rachel and Bruce serve the causes of racialism and sexual libertinism.

Rachel is on Twitter. The notoriety she's gained from the racialist crowd has led her to have plenty of followers - she's got a decent sized megaphone. Yesterday, she wailed, "I AM BLACK!" as a tweet in reply to people who were making fun of her. She has since restricted her Twitter stream, so I can't embed it here.

Because she's such a cause célèbre and because she's mad, there's no lack of people snarkily pointing out reality. Poor Rachel has got enough problems without this. The drunk at the bus depot was able to struggle with his delusions in relative peace and quiet, but Rachel is out there on display. Her "allies" in the racialist movement don't care about her, they just love the turmoil and conflict. That she is tormented by her insanity and the insults piled on her doesn't matter to them. They're cashing in on all of this in the form of attention from the press.

Meanwhile, a very sick woman is screaming out on Twitter.


Anonymous said...

Very good point.

It's driving me crazy that we are "normalizing" this transgender stuff. The great thing about the drunk is that: a) At some point he will sober up and realize he's not really Mario Andretti's test driver; b) No one, but no one, is actually feeding into his delusion, much less celebration it; c) no one is forcing us to buy into the drunk's delusion; d) The drunk is not getting feted at Indy Car events or making the cover of Indy Car monthly...

We are so screwed.

Anonymous said...

And just to prove my point over the insanity of it: http://mobile.nytimes.com/2015/11/03/us/illinois-district-violated-transgender-students-rights-us-says.html

K T Cat said...

I love it. The Right is supposed to be anti-science, but there's not much in biology that seems to appeal to the Left.

Anonymous said...

After I wrote the above, I remembered two schizophrenics I once knew. They were both gentle people, pretty functional despite their delusions. But they WERE indeed delusional. One thought he was an undercover agent for the government investigating pretty much everything -- his doctors, the city, Wendy's, etc. The other had a similar delusion -- he was a mole for the Mossad waiting to be called into service. You could have a decent conversation with borough of them; one actually worked as a programmer (where his delusion served him well), the other kind of went to college. Non-medical professionals were not supposed to disabuse then if their delusions, we were told, but neither were were supposed to help further them. We were supposed to pretty much say, "Oh, that's interesting" and change the subject.

I still think the trans fills are like those two people I knew -- very functional, but very out off touch with reality.

K T Cat said...

I agree, anon. I'm not up for telling Rachel she's white and throwing all the facts in her face. That would be cruel. On the other hand, if she's going to be trotted out as a "black" leader, then all bets are off. It's the fault of the people that put her in this position as if she's the "undercover agent" had been coaxed by real FBI personnel to stand in front of the press and tell his story.