Tuesday, October 06, 2015

Defenders of the Faith

I'm at Adobe MAX, waiting for the keynote to start, blogging on my phone. Desperate? Yes. Anything for a blog post.

I read last night that almost all of the recent mass shooters came from fatherless homes. Speculation about why that doesn't get mentioned in the press focused on political angles. It's not politics, it's religion.

If you look at the postmodern, secular progressives as a religious movement, so many contradictions make sense. That traditional morality and its requisite objective judgments of behavior is inherently wrong is an article of faith. To publish information which clearly supports orthodox Christian beliefs is an apostasy. The postmodern person reflexively rejects it. No thinking is required, just as I thoughtlessly thank God when I see something beautiful in nature.

I would bet that the reporters never even thought to look into the family structures of the killers, so alien and repellent is traditional, objective morality.

And there you have it. The keynote is about to start. I hope all of you have as good a day as I'm having!

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