Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Conditions On The Ground Will Soon Be Ripe For Honest, Open Dialog

... because all opposition to Bashar Assad will be dead or driven away.

President Obama got grilled (!) by 60 Minutes recently about the collapse of the American position re:Syria. I can't stomach going back and finding the transcript and wading through the naive, faculty lounge mush that came out of the guy's mouth, but in essence, we're waiting for the parties in the conflict to reach a point where they're interested in having a good, long, talk.

Below, is a video of a pair of Mi-24 helicopters, err, surveying the site of the upcoming debate.

Meanwhile, the Guardian has this story on the latest fighting featuring a photo of a trio of rebel fighters armed with AK-47s. If you click on the link and see the picture of three dudes in shallow holes dug in the dirt, looking macho with their rifles, come back and watch the video of the helicopters blasting away at people like that and imagine what it looks like for those three on the receiving end.

I'm guessing that the Syrian rebels whom we support will soon have a new battle cry. "Last one to Germany is a rotten egg!"

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