Thursday, August 27, 2015

Why I Like Trump

I don't know that I'd vote for the guy, I think he's a nut with no real convictions outside of his massive ego. However I really like what he's doing in the campaign and I think I'm not too far out of line with why many others like him, too.

I'm tired of being told what I can and cannot say. At work, I feel like I have to watch every word and there are times when I wonder if I've crossed some kind of line with respect to race or sex or politics or religion or whatever. What I'm questioning is invariably something innocuous, but something that's recently been determined to be a trigger or microaggression or God-knows-what.

We're banning hoop skirts on some campuses, for cryin' out loud.

Along comes Trump and he's saying things several standard deviations beyond anything I'd say and he's getting away with it! It's liberating to see a public figure break all of these verbal taboos.

I don't like the guy as a leader, but I like that he's saying the first thing that comes into his head and not apologizing for any of it.

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