Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Little On Planned Parenthood Video #7

... in which live babies are vivisected.
  1. This comment is one of the most insightful things I've read today. "Certain hardcore gangs require you to participate in a killing before they fully trust you. Everybody must be complicit. In past videos we have seen how even receptionists were required to go in and assist with abortions."

  2. If this is allowed to go on, if no prosecutions are brought, if the Democratic Party continues to support Planned Parenthood, then the division in America is truly between good and evil. If slicing a live baby's face to get at the brain is defensible, then everything is and civilization in America has collapsed into the ultimate, secular, post-modern abattoir.

  3. Many progressives confronting these videos must feel like this:

  4. This tweet captures my thoughts pretty well.


Charles Fettinger said...

Based on statistics, I would bet big money that the baby in question was black.

"ka-ching", Margaret Sanger

jedi master ivyan said...

If this is in video seven..., I don't think I even want to hear what's on the yet-to-be released videos.

K T Cat said...

Charles - That's another Planned Parenthood fact that's not well known.

Ivyan - I'm kind of at a loss here as well. Slicing off a baby's face so you can get at the brain would have made my #1 video, not #5 on the hit parade. The only thing I can think of is that there is some kind of cannibalism or "organic fertilizer" video coming up.

jedi master ivyan said...

A line of skin care products would be my guess.

K T Cat said...

If I recall correctly, those exist in Russia.