Thursday, June 04, 2015

Next: A Schizophrenia Bundt Cake!

Over on Twitter, The Meanest Boss Ever shared this piece of idiocy with me following Bruce Jenner's mutilation into a semi-functional sex toy.

What passes for science these days. A color drawing with some axes and labels.
The dude has himself whacked in the groin, consumes insane amounts of female hormones, has various other Dr. Moreau treatments done to himself and the libertines fall all over themselves in paroxysms of joy, illustrating their support with pictures of gingerbread men.

With friends like this, who needs enemies?

The best follow-on would be a schizophrenia Bundt cake. The outside could be decorated with images of faces and a little action figure could be put in the middle symbolizing the open and healthy dialogue between the schizophrenic and the disembodied voices. Note that we don't call them imaginary voices because that would be denying the schizophrenic's reality and who are we to do that?

Here's a Bundt cake for arachnophobes. Put the action figure in the middle of this and it's surrounded by spiders. Yay! Equality now!

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