Saturday, May 02, 2015

Saturday Night Open Thread

I'm getting ready for a dinner party and spent the day elsewhere so I didn't have time to blog. I've never done an open thread, in part because I don't have many commenters. With that said, have at it in the comments here. Diatribes, requests, conundrums, accusations, whatever turns you on.



tom said...

Bwah bwah hah... the cat's blog is mine!

I have been intrigued that you haven't discussed the Japanese economy lately.

As for me, the radio bands suck, but I got in a few contacts. Including a guy who I convinced to put a Teletubbie on his confirmation card :-)

K T Cat said...

I have once again wrested control from the anarchist forces who seek to disrupt this blog!

As for Japan, like Greece, it's a lesson in fiscal collapse of a nation. Things happen very slowly and then they happen very fast. From my readings, it looks like Greece is weeks away from total, final bankruptcy. It took years and years to get there.