Tuesday, May 12, 2015

It's Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month!

And we celebrate by lumping them all together because, apparently, we can't tell them apart*!

Of course, the problem works both ways.

* - They, however, can tell each other apart. Don't believe me? Go tell a Korean that you think he's Japanese. Let me know how that goes.


IlĂ­on said...

Have you seen about the latest (as of yesterday) "liberal" outrage? I mean, someone exercising his liberty and thereby outraging "liberals".

'White Appreciation Day' (warning: that is USA Today and it has some obnoxious auto-play commercial)

tim eisele said...

KT: You got me curious about who it was that decided to lump these groups together. It turns out that of the four congressmen who introduced the resolutions to create AAPIHM, three of them were of Japanese descent, and two of those were born in Hawaii. So, to them, combining "Asia" with "Pacific Islands" would have made perfect sense.

They are certainly not a single group, though. I was at a technical conference last week, and one of the presenters was a student from Korea. He then had to field questions from three Japanese engineers, two Chinese, and one German. And all of them had to make do by speaking English, because it was the only language they had in common.

B-Daddy said...

Because DIVERSITY! So shut up! Maybe we should investigate whether you are a closet racist. You will be made to care (TM).