Thursday, April 16, 2015

Trap Queen Pizza

In researching the current top hip hop songs, I came across the one below. I intended to compare and contrast it with the death-threat-suffering folks of Memories Pizza in Indiana who said they wouldn't cater a gay wedding (as if anyone would ever ask a pizza joint to cater their wedding).

The problem with that comparison is that it's not apt. The magnitudes are all wrong. The video below has picked up more than 43,000,000 views in a month or two. Memories Pizza probably doesn't serve more than 100 people a night. 200 tops, if it's crazy busy.

The video below is a marker of society. Memories Pizza is just some couple trying to make a living running a little restaurant. It's not an apples and oranges comparison, it's a comparison of the annual apple harvest of the state of Washington vs. a single orange.

In any case, watch the video and ask yourself what it says about the country when the thing has 43,000,000+ hits.


IlĂ­on said...

I managed to let it run to the 1:06 mark before I had to stop it.

K T Cat said...

I don't know why. It's perfectly acceptable whereas pizza joints run by people who cling to Biblical teachings should be shut down.

Trigger Warning said...

Correction: Only a gay wedding would order catering from a pizzeria.