Saturday, June 07, 2014

My Daughter's High School English Class Remembers D-Day

... by reading about discrimination and African-Americans.

Her American history book's chapter on WW II has a good 5-6 full pages on discrimination and African-Americans in the war. D-Day through to the Normandy breakout gets three very brief paragraphs.

The whole book is one ginormous ad for the Democratic Party. The Crash of 1937 and the FDR Recession aren't even mentioned in the chapter on How Totally Awesome FDR And The New Deal Were.

Update: On a hunch, I went back through the textbook. There is no mention of the strategic bombing of Germany for obvious reasons. None.

Can you spot the reason why groups like 8th Air Force weren't mentioned in the book?


Foxfier said...

At least it wasn't the Japanese internment.

We built models-- of the Canadian camps-- out of sugar blocks in the one year that we had high school history that included WWII.

Foxfier said...

It was something like "20th century American history."

Which consisted of "the Dust Bowl probably because of farming, Arrested Japanese in WWII, little girls were treated mean when they wanted to go to school because they were black, the 60s were awesome, all Vietnam era draftees are crazy or hate the gov't."

K T Cat said...

Foxie, you must have read the book. Yes, the Japanese internment gets some publicity in it. Of course, not nearly as much as the African-Americans.