Tuesday, January 14, 2014

OK, Smartypants, Where Are Your New Ideas?

WaPo article: On social mobility, future party leaders Kirsten Gillibrand and Paul Ryan offer few new ideas. Elsewhere, as ObamaCare has crashed and burned, I've seen sneers from the left that conservatives aren't offering up any new ideas of their own.

When it comes to income, wealth and benefits, who says there are any "new ideas" worth considering? There comes a point in time when any technology or field of study has reached it's end. Where are the "new ideas" when it comes to toasters, waffle makers, bicycle wheels or the kind of sand you use when making concrete?

Learn a useful skill. Spend less than you earn. Avoid debt. Get and stay married. Go to church. As a nation, if you want to offer your citizens new benefits, pay for them up front. Don't bury future generations in debt or print money to pay your bills.

Nope, no new ideas there. I guess I need to redouble my efforts and keep looking for new ideas!

Or maybe I'll skip that and watch funny cat videos instead.

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