Monday, December 30, 2013

How Many Fiancées Do You Need, Anyway?

The Puppy Blender is at it again, agitating about the War on Boys. Meanwhile, feminists are yapping at each other about who is the most feministy or something like that. Our buddies at Legal Insurrection are chiming in as well. Apparently, the war between the sexes, such as it is, has reached a critical phase.


When I read about this or that school outlawing gun-shaped waffles or some educator prattling on about how we desperately need more female scientists and engineers, I have to shrug. As the head of a family of four unwed young adults, these changes alter national statistics, but don't alter the general equation.

Our boys need to find young women who will make good wives and mothers and our daughter needs to find a young man who will make a good husband and father. One apiece. That's it. If Tiffany in El Cajon happens to have been taught crystal healing and aspires to be a career-obsessed lawyer or Daniel in Normal Heights is in touch with his sensitive side and is studying Medieval Literature with a minor in living at home and downloading porn, good for them. That's two candidates down. Two out of ten million or so.

Instead of freaking out every time some poor sap who's been indoctrinated into the current rage of political correctness blathers on about victim groups or bans some Christian symbol, it would probably be a lot better to just smile and move on. In the end, strong men and nurturing women who have needed skills, spend less than they earn and go to church will win out. We always have.

Bell bottoms came and went, too. Western civilization didn't end.

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