Saturday, December 28, 2013

Don't Wait To Give Of Yourself

... because you'll be missing too much fun.

My most recent session at Catholic Charities started with an elderly Russian fellow who spoke only broken English. He was so delighted when I said "Thank you" to him in Russian that he fished around in his pockets and gave me one of those chocolate coins wrapped in gold foil. And I thought I was there to give him things.

Later, there was an elderly black man wearing a N'awlins Saints ballcap who talked football with me. He wasn't really a Saints fan as he was from Texas. He told me that he stopped rooting for the Cowboys when Roger Staubach retired. I almost fell out of my chair! He said he was now a Tomboy as in a fan of Tom Brady. That was great.

Seriously, it all went downhill in Dallas when he left. Image source.
The best customer of all was an older British gentleman who was from Middlesborough, a town just a few miles south of ... Newcastle. Howay the lads! He was so happy to have someone listen to his stories that he spent a good ten minutes regaling me with tales of English accents. He said the people from the very southern end of England had accents so severe that he couldn't make heads or tails of them. He said that in the 1950s, there was a British movie about these people that actually had English subtitles. Hilarious!

I should pay to work there, I swear.

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