Friday, November 08, 2013

Married, Middle Class People Are Racists

... and here's the proof.
  1. Extremist teabaggers are racist.
  2. Ken Cuccinelli is an extremist teabagger
  3. Married people voted for Ken Cuccinelli 
    Extremist teabaggers in red, fact-based people in blue
  4. Middle class people voted for Ken Cuccinelli 
    Bigoted rednecks in red, open-minded people in blue
  5. Ergo, married, middle class people are racists.
It's a good thing we're working so hard to destroy traditional marriage. When you think about it, this makes the gay marriage thing a double win for civil rights!

H/T: Mollie Hemingway

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Renee said...

I reveiew my old college texts back from the 90s, my lefty professors were concerned about the low marriage rates with urban poor. This is when we actuslly spoke if marriage. Even then they understood the social and economic resource that family brought. Sure they were not homophobic, but marriage was not really associated gay issues. Marriage served children, which benefited society.