Monday, September 09, 2013

What If The Russians And Chinese Shoot Down Some Of The Tomahawks?

The Tomahawk cruise missile is a relatively slow flyer. Like the V-1 of WW II, military aircraft of today are faster than it is. Given that they have to be fired from naval platforms of known locations in any attack on Syria and given that Chinese and Russian warships outfitted with surface-to-air missiles are in the area, what happens if the aforementioned use the cruise missiles like skeet shooting targets?

What if the Chinese and Russians have aircraft in the air and relay targeting data to Syrian anti-aircraft missile batteries? Is that a provocation? An act of war? A humiliation we'll just swallow?

Would we go to the UN and demand signal inspectors examine captured, raw RF data logs in order to determine who tipped the Syrians of and then demand a strongly worded letter against the Russians and Chinese, both of whom are on the Security Council?


Anonymous said...

If we attack Russia and China's ally it is not them being provocative, or committing an act of war, it's us (US and lackies). They have as much right to help Syria defend itself as the US to help Israel.

Anonymous said...

Why we all just get along? It's 2012 ffs.

Anonymous said...

whoops, meant 2013