Saturday, September 14, 2013

It's Not Funny Any More, It's Just Sickening

I've read a lot of the breathless gasping about President Faculty Lounge and Secretary Botox falling down a flight of stairs over Syria but as it goes on and on, it's not interesting any more. A train wreck is fine at a distance and for a moment, but when you get to actually dealing with the real wounded, it's not amusing, it's a horrifying grind.

Yesterday, I saw a WSJ headline about Secretary Botox meeting with his Russian counterpart to discuss this Syrian chemical weapons farce and read a couple of quotes where he acted like something real was going on and he was being all stern and tough with Assad and Putin. It was nauseating. Everyone in the world knows this is a charade in the purest sense of the word. That is, this is not a figurative or allegorical charade, it is, quite literally, play acting on all parts with America as the butt of the joke.

It's going to go on and on and on.

As we were driving around Cambria over the weekend, my wife asked me what I would do about Syria if I were Obama. At the time, I would have backed off the whole thing, blaming congress and fed some long-dead racism case file from the FBI to my lapdogs in the press. I would have gotten Syria off the front page as fast as I could and replaced it with an expose of a 3-person Idaho skinhead movement. We'd all be back to talking about how whitey hates dark-skinned people like we should.

Now because Secretary Botox is an idiot, Syria is going to be thrust in our faces for who knows how long, each day worse than the previous one. It's going to be like hearing the same knock-knock joke over and over and over again with us as the punchline.

All of the right wing bloggers who have used words like "incompetent" and "unprepared" to describe Obama over the last several years were right all along and it's obvious to all. That was fine to type on the keyboard, but the true horror of living under such an administration is going to be worse than you had imagined. It's not prose any more, it's real.

Secretary Botox. Our point man on Syria. We're screwed.


jedi master ivyan said...

He looks a bit like that shape shifting character on Star Trek DS9

K T Cat said...

Yeah, Odo. I thought the same thing, but I couldn't name the guy. The link takes you to a polemic describing all that Kerry had done to his face. It's appalling.

Rose said...

If you wrote all this into a novel, no publisher would give you the time of day. They'd say it was preposterous - and yet here we are, LIVING it. Every day more bizarre than the next.