Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fun Google Music Trick

I just went over to my Google Music account where I've got thousands of songs stored. I looked at my individual songs and then sorted by the number of times I've played them. It turns out that the Monkees are still my favorite, but the Newsboys are almost as popular. Farther down the list, there are some Rolling Stones and swing music, but the list is dominated by the Monkees and Newsboys.

I'm now listening to the list in order. It's way cool. I'm going to make a playlist of all the songs I've heard 10 or more times. It will be eclectic, but it should be full of teh awesome. At least for my taste. :-)

Give it a try!

Update: OK, this is just too weird. The music doesn't flow at all. It goes from mid-60's pop to modern, Christian hard rock to swing to ...

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