Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Pink Police State's Only Limit Is Math

What happens when the people running the government realize that no one cares what they do so long as their bread and circuses are undisturbed? You get things like the drone strikes, the IRS being used as the Gestapo to attack political opponents, a central bank completely in the pockets of the government and stuff like this.
Terrific: on one hand we have a high-ranking administration official threatening the livelihood of private businesses for speaking frankly and on the other we have that same person looking for financial support from said private businesses.
The government gets in bed with the health insurance companies up to the point the companies don't like parts of the deal and then the government uses threats to extort campaign contributions from them. Yes, it's always gone on and yes, both sides have done it, but it's never been done on this scale.

I would suggest that it's grown because the people in charge have realized that under the Pink Police State, there are no practical limits to their power. Well, until math intervenes and the whole thing crashes. But that's happened more than once in Argentina and there the people didn't vote the fascists out of power for any significant length of time. So why not go for it? Who's going to stop you?

Pathetic private business, your offering does not please us! The masses have spoken. You shall be punished!

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