Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thank God For The Geordies

In response to Mark Steyn's blistering analysis of English passivity in the face of Jihadists butchering a British soldier, comes the English Defence League protest in, where else, Newcastle.

Howay the lads.

The WaPo calls the EDL an "an extremist right-wing group." Here's the EDL website. That doesn't look too racist to me. This doesn't either. That last story didn't make it into the WaPo. What a shock.

Now maybe they are an extremist right-wing group and maybe they are what their critics claim, right-wing, racist Nazis. (How that last is even possible is beyond me. The Nazis were leftists, through and through.) Whatever else they are, the members of the EDL are not too keen on having Tommies hacked to death by lunatics.

Howay the lads indeed.

Update: So here's a video from the Guardian where they went undercover with the EDL and found plenty of racism. I didn't look to see if they had gone undercover at any of the mosques to look for racism. Nor is there any indication how many interviews they did before they got the one with the skinhead complaining about the "Pakis." To me, it looks like a bunch of Newcastle United soccer hooligans mixed with racial resentment, marinated in a secular culture of subjective morality. Violent tendencies plus racism with no concrete, moral foundation to slow them down.

The EDL illustrates a serious problem with the whole multiculti thing. It works great in the faculty lounges at Harvard and Oxford, but what happens when it hits the bars where the common folk hang out? If you don't demand immigrants assimilate to your nation's culture, isn't this a predictable end result? Either you're all one nation or your not. If you're a collection of disparate, divided cultures, what's to keep the bar thugs, radicalized "youth" and soccer hooligans from turning on each other? After all, you've actually encouraged them to form opposing teams.

The whole point behind demanding cultural assimilation is to create a common purpose and common point of view. Without it, you've got beheadings in one place and racist demonstrations in another.

Irony alert: Many of the same folks who attack the EDL also support the Palestinians against Israel. After all, the Palestinians were there first, right? Hmmm.

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