Tuesday, May 07, 2013

More Win8 Devices! Oh Goody!

In today's WSJ, there's an article about MSFT grudgingly admitting that Win8 is a flop. However, buried inside it is this quote.
Without offering many details yet, (Windows co-head Tami) Reller outlined how Microsoft is working on changing software features, helping people overcome obstacles to learning the revamped software, altering the shopping experience for consumers, getting more of people’s favorite apps available for Windows 8 and making sure a wider array of Windows 8 computing devices will be on sale.
Emphasis mine.

Sounds like a great idea, Tami! Sales data is showing that jamming Win8 down everyone's throats by making it the only OS available on retail PCs is a huge drag? No problem. You just have to do it more and a lot harder! When the steamroller approach doesn't work, your best bet is to get more and larger steamrollers.

I was being unfair. This isn't a steamroller at all. It's an entirely different technology.

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Houston (aka) Tots said...

LOL! On the plus side, you might get the start button back soon. :)