Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's A Good Thing That's Over

Gosnell got life in prison. Whew! If the trial had dragged on any longer, someone might have had to cover it in detail.


Rose said...

That one rocked the world, despite receiving no coverage - it calls into question ALL of the conventional wisdom, and changed many minds.

tim eisele said...

About this "no coverage" thing you guys keep talking about[1]: there were fairly detailed articles about the case in our local paper a number of times, including one just yesterday. It got about the amount of coverage I've come to expect for the trial of a serial murderer in another state.

Whatever you guys are using for your source of news, maybe you should consider broadening it a bit.

[1] I don't really think too highly of it when people go on about how something "isn't being covered by the media". It strikes me as a type of mental laziness, and maybe an admission that they are only getting their news from one place.

K T Cat said...

Tim, it was a team of people slaughtering babies over a 17-year period and saving their body parts in pickle jars. Are you seriously trying to tell me that the media coverage was even remotely commensurate with the crimes?

As for the mental laziness, how many sources of news should you have to consume in order to learn about the ongoing trial of the greatest and most ghoulish mass murderer in American history? While working my last men's retreat a few weeks back, I found that some of them had heard of Gosnell, but all of the ones that did had found out by those alternate media sources.