Sunday, April 14, 2013

Plumbing Stories Aren't Newsworthy

So by now, I'm guessing many of have heard of Kermit Gosnell, the Philadelphia abortionist who ran a clinic so gruesome that Roger Corman wouldn't have shown it in his worst slasher movie. If you haven't heard about it, thanks to a near total news blackout, Google the name and prepare to be nauseated.

I read a new detail yesterday that blew my mind. Gosnell performed late term abortions where you induce labor and then try to kill the baby before it escapes. It got so bad that women were giving birth on his toilet to the point they had to call in a plumber to remove the toilet and unclog the pipes below.

Yes, you heard correctly, the pipes were clogged with fetuses.

And that's why Dr. Gosnell's combination torture chamber and slaughterhouse wasn't newsworthy. Who wants to hear stories about plumbers?


Dean said...

Dude, when you posted on Twitter, I thought you were making reference to the plumber doing the abortion-provider doc's job. And then I read this post and now I'm more confused than ever.

Since ObamaCare won't be able to pay for itself maybe we can do some cross-training? I mean since the doc is doing the ol' 1-2 on female plumbing can't we expect him to fix his own toilet plumbing as well?

Jedi Master Ivyan said...

There's very little about that infanticidal maniac and his practices that could surprise me.

K T Cat said...

Dean, it gets better. The city sanitation teams had to remove fetuses from the sewer system downstream of Dr. Gosnell's Female Health Clinic and BBQ.

drozz said...

here's the grand jury report