Thursday, April 18, 2013

Mary Curtis Reports On The Nuremberg Trials

... and decides they were a local matter.

Over at the WaPo, Mary Curtis is yammering away about the Gosnell war crimes trial and suggests that it's not at all about industrial mass murder, but instead it's about the handful of individuals who were killed by the maniac.  And his staff. Working as a team. A team that didn't seem to see a problem with the whole thing and lived in a culture where a million plus Gosnellizations a year isn't a big deal. A team that committed orders of magnitude more killings than the records show because as the Allies approached, the records were destroyed. But the less said about those addenda, the better.

Yes, yes, it's all a local matter. Stop bringing politics or religion or whatever your hobby horse is into this thing. Think of the individual woman who was murdered and the couple of nameless babies who were spine-snipped.

Makes sense to me.

Really, there's no point in trying to draw broader conclusions from a single trial.

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