Sunday, March 24, 2013

We Need 300 Million Different Versions Of "Mein Kampf"

... according to the twerps in academia. They don't quite understand that, of course, but then again they don't understand a lot of things.

Over at Inside Higher Ed, there's a post about white men feeling alienated in academia with this lovely tidbit inside.
The preconceived notions and biases apparent in the reactions of that student's peers spoke to the overall takeaway of Miles, who is university ombudsman at Indiana University-Purdue University Columbus.

“We’re all unhappy – apparently that’s what equality looks like,” she said. “Every other group feels discriminated against as well, and when having these conversations with people who are members of these other groups, it’s important that you understand that.”
We're all unhappy and that's what equality looks like? I guess that for the ethnic studies departments at our major universities, this is success - everyone is miserable and blames everyone else. Let's see, obsessions with racial alienation and endless ethnic classifications, where have we heard that before?

For this fellow, it was a toss up between Reich Chancellor and head of the Aryan Studies Department at Yale.
Maybe we'd be less unhappy about race if we stopped talking about it all the time and just got on with our lives.

Nahhhh. We need more conversations about race. To be specific, we need more conversations about my race and how your race has been screwing mine for years.

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