Monday, October 22, 2012

San Diego Rally For Religious Freedom

On Saturday, I went down to Balboa Park in the rain to attend the Rally for Religious Freedom. It was standing room only and I had a chance to meet some pretty interesting folk. Perhaps more on that later, but for now, two things. First, I shot some video (lessons learned in a future post) that I edited into what you see below.

Second, any little, internecine prejudices I had against other Christian groups has been washed away by this movement. Mormons were here, Bikers for Jesus were here, Lutherans, Episcopalians, Baptists, Wesleyans* and everyone in between came out to this rally. We stood together as people of faith against an increasingly hostile and authoritarian government seeking to enforce moral orthodoxy upon us. Despite differences in dogma and rite, we are all one people in Christ.

Please send this along to any people of faith you might know.

* - There was a Wesleyan preacher who spoke first who I deeply regret not capturing on video. He talked about how the Wesleyans were a major part of the Underground Railroad helping slaves escape the South and how their pastors were told over and over again to stick to teaching about Jesus and not talk about politics from the pulpit. Tyrannies are ever the same.

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