Friday, February 03, 2012

You Know It's Good When There's A Post-Riot Riot

Egyptian soccer fans when nuts the other day, killing 74.

They followed this up with an encore riot that killed 3 more.
CAIRO—Police in Cairo set off salvos of tear gas and fired birdshot at protesters angry over a deadly soccer riot as fresh clashes on Egyptian streets killed three people on Friday, according to a volunteer doctor and health officials.

One man died just feet away from the Interior Ministry, which has become a target for demonstrators furious that the police failed to prevent a soccer riot that killed 74 people in the Mediterranean city of Port Said on Wednesday. It was the world's worst soccer violence in 15 years.
Watching that video above, it's hard to see how police could have prevented anything. If thousands of people decide to go berserk, there's not much anyone can do to stop it.


SarahB said...

Arab Spring just keeps on giving.

K T Cat said...

I was surprised the Jews weren't blamed for it all.

Dean said...

I was going to snark that they are going to keep doing it until they get it right when I realized that they've got their game down pat.