Saturday, February 04, 2012

To Those Who Want Me To Vote For Romney

Can you imagine what it must be like to be David Bonior right now? He just watched a pro-Obamacare Rockefeller Republican Wall Street tycoon carpet bomb Florida with millions of dollars of ads repeating his lying calumnies against Newt Gingrich while Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt and Bob Dole (Bob Dole!) mouthed the trash he spewed all those years ago.

In a heroin-fueled, month-long hallucinatory bender, Bonior couldn't have pictured this, but he got it anyway, thanks to Mitt Romney. Bonior's house must be festooned with press clippings right now. I'll bet he's been texting and emailing and calling all of the weasels who teamed up with him to slander Newt and the bunch of them haven't been sober for weeks.

That's what I'm supposed to vote for because SCOTUS is on the line?

Get lost.

David Bonior for President!


tim eisele said...

Well, of course you shouldn't vote for Romney if you don't want him. As far as I can see, he suffers from almost all of the same shortcomings that you didn't like in Obama, plus a few unique ones of his own.

I think the republican party managed to sucker the Tea Party the same way they suckered the Libertarians in the 80s. They pretended to want limited government and reduced regulation so that they could get the Tea Party/Libertarian votes, but didn't actually mean it for a minute. And then once they got them, they are now trying to make them march in line like good little Republicans.

The Republicans pissed me off royally when they did that to me in the 80s, and with any luck they will tick off the Tea Party now.

ligneus said...

I agree with you and it's a travesty that some better Republican isn't running but then no better R did run so this is what we have. If Romney wins and defeats O then at least we get some breathing space. Wanting it all at once is the mistake that O made and in doing so woke up the American people to what the left has been up to this last seventy years. Since the sixties the left has infiltrated and taken over the media, the universities, the education system and much else, fifty years they've been working away at it, you have to give them credit for patience and perseverance. Now we have to take the time to undo what the left has achieved, no small task .
Maybe it won't be that bad anyway if Romney wins, see what Stephen Hayward at Powerline has to say, and it's Part 1 so follow up on it.
Oh, and the Supreme Court nominations are a huge deal, they could cement in place much of O's communist agenda.

tim eisele said...

"Oh, and the Supreme Court nominations are a huge deal"

Ha. Ha. Ha.

Once the call goes out, "Vote for our guy, or the Supreme Court gets it!", you know that they've got nothing. It's straight-up fear-mongering, pure and simple, whether it is said by people campaigning for Obama, or for Romney.

With the way things are set up, no Supreme Court nominee will both get appointed, and get through the confirmation process, without being basically a moderate. Neither party is going to be able to ram through the extremists that they claim to want. So the Justices are going to end up either a bit right of center, or a bit left of center, but overall you'll get the same sort of people no matter who is President.

ligneus said...

I don't know, a couple more like Sotomayer and Kagan as opposed to two like Thomas and Roberts would not be helpful.

K T Cat said...

I think Scotus is a big deal, but I think giving in to Romney's utter barbarism is an even bigger deal. I would argue that America's problems are fundamentally moral and cultural and you're not going to work on them with either Romney or Obama. I have no hope the Democrats will ever do anything to deal with the issues and I see Romney as fatal to the Republican brand so that we'd never be able to work on the issues.