Saturday, February 25, 2012

Spam Of The Day

Here's a good one from our blog's spam filter.
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I think someone needs to dry out for a few days before leaving comments. A little too much Benzedrine, if you ask me.


tim eisele said...

I've often wondered why spam has such atrocious grammar and so rarely makes any sense at all. They're either being written by bad phrase-generating software, or by people with the general literacy of chimps. Maybe both.

Would it really be that hard for them to write some actual generic comment text that is actually grammatically correct, so that it won't be instantly obvious as spam? Are spammers really that stupid?

(actually, the answer to that last question is apparently "yes". I've noticed for a while now that a lot of spammers are linking to my site as if they think that *them* linking to *me* will boost their page rank. I'm pretty sure that it only works the other way around, though. So they are basically going to a lot of effort for nothing, except maybe boosting *my* page rank.)

K T Cat said...

It's got to be search engine optimization, don't you think?

I agree about the content, though. Blogger has picked off every one of them. They'd be far better off if they actually engaged in conversation and gave us a legitimate reason to click on their links.

Kelly the little black dog said...

ever since I got rid of the phrase checking I've starting getting a lot of junk again. But mine isn't being filtered out, I'm having to catch it when I do the manual approvals. Its mostly from anonymous posters, so I'm considering restricting comments to registered blogger folks. What I don't understand is how they found me so quickly. Or is it just that they've been there all along and not gotten past the catch phrase stage?

K T Cat said...

I think you just need to give Blogger's filter some time to catch up. Mark them as spam and then go into the spam folder and delete them from there. That process (as I understand it) is what feeds the filter the training set required to tune it.