Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Income Inequality Is Unjust!

The other Friday I was at the grocery store and the guy ahead of me was buying a quart of Miller High Life and two fifths of Ron Rico Rum.

Getting a sandwich at a local deli, I noticed the woman in front of me buy a couple of packs of cigarettes and some candy - I think it was Starburst.

My daughter has a classmate at her public high school who sleeps through most of his classes and a few others who are illiterate. At Parent's Night, only about 30% of the parents bother to show up. This compares to her old Catholic grade school where turnout was 95% and the remaining 5% were out of town or on death's door with the flu.

I blame the Bush tax cuts.

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Foxfier said...

But why is the rum gone?!?


Yeah, I'm amazed at the folks who have no money to pay this or that bill and yet smoke like a chimney, drink like fish and go out drinking every Friday.