Sunday, December 04, 2011

A Week Of Celibacy

... no, not that kind of celibacy. Internet celibacy. I've decided to take Sunday night to Friday* off from the Internet. No Twitter, no Facebook, no reading the blogs or blogging. I've got a great post scheduled for tomorrow, so be sure to come on back for that, but as of now, I'm personally done.

I've read that our use of the Internet makes our relationships shallower, so I'm going to spend the week really being with the people around me. I've frequently found myself thinking about things I've read on the web, planning out a blog post in my head or wanting to surf Twitter or the blogs to see what's going on, all while I'm with friends or family.

I'll still get up early, I'm sure that habit won't go away. Instead of blogging, I'll do the prep work for cooking delicious dinners - a daily, sensual treat for the woman I love.

Hey, I'm not that celibate. ;-)

* - Yes, I know this is not an actual week. However, Saturday is the Newcastle game on and I'm not about to miss it.


Rose said...

LOL. Good luck. It's a good month to do it.

Doo Doo Econ said...

That is exactly what I did over thanksgiving and it paid off big time. I am sure that my posts have been a little more venting afterwards, but some personal issues require full attention.