Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Does Politics Kill Creativity?

I've been noodling around the web today, looking up things that hinder creativity. It appears that negative emotions are bad for your imaginative side. Since political discussions are invariably negative, wouldn't focusing on politics seriously damage your creativity?


tim eisele said...

Well, if nothing else, stewing about politics takes a lot of *time*. And since there isn't a lot that one can do about politics *other* than fume about it, on the whole it isn't really very constructive, other than giving one something to talk about when socializing[1].

[1] I personally prefer to talk about bugs, home engineering projects, or similar things when socializing, but that doesn't really fly in a lot of social circles. One can always get into a good political argument at a party, though.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Many of the great European writers, poets, musicians, an fine artists were damaged unhappy people. Didn't seem to impact their creativity.