Friday, November 25, 2011

Why Thanksgiving Rocks

Our Monks Miscellaneous Musings have the details. I must say, I prefer Thanksgiving to Christmas, too.


Dean said...

Thanks for the link, KT!

Love me all of Thanksgiving weekend.

tom said...

I don't like any of the holidays. Too much telling me what to do, what to eat, who to interact with, what to feel, and the like. How would you like being told that every 18th of August you will celebrate an arbitrary event with a fixed menu and schedule of events? Bah. Let me have fun at the time, place, and manner of my own choosing.

Mostly Nothing said...

What happened to the web site. It's just gone!

Anonymous said...

Mostly Nothing, Google has air-brushed me from the interwebs. They nuked "Beers with Demo" and have disabled my account.

I have no clue as to why and am currently trying to get back online. Kind of tough with a disabled accont.

Thanks for asking, though. Hopefully just a temporary set-back.


Mostly Nothing said...

Good luck, Dean. I've only been consistently reading you for a few months. But it's required daily reading.