Sunday, November 20, 2011

Internet Explorer Just Updated Itself On My Laptop

... and it changed my homepage to MSN and my search provider to Bing. Thanks, guys. For a minute I'd thought that I knew what I liked, but now that I've had you jam your hideous products down my throat, I can see that I was wrong!


Kelly the little black dog said...

Welcome to the Borg. This brings up one of my biggest frustrations with where technology is heading. In the not too recent past technology was for scientists and engineers to do science and engineering. The tend the last few years is to ignore that market and exclusively focus on the home/youth market. I understand that is where the money is, but I think it's short sighted to completely ignore your traditional markets.

Mutnodjmet said...

Actually, I prefer Bing searches -- all the information without the liberal pap. But that is why I use FireFox for my browser. They don't do this do me.