Friday, October 21, 2011

Where's The Sense Of Shame?

I'm listening to G. K. Chesterton's The Everlasting Man again and it set my neurons to firing in odd ways as I noodled about an email conversation that was started among friends about the Occupy Wall Street crowd. Here's what I've finally come down to.

Where's the sense of shame among these people?

They're young and got to go to college. They're surrounded by luxury and information. Even in the absence of college, they can teach themselves to do just about anything via free Internet videos. Some of them hold up signs describing their college debt, incurred in the pursuit of degrees that only a complete fool would associate with a career capable of servicing the debt.

In essence, they're running around telling us all that they are spoiled, delusional blunderers.

Have they no shame?

A photo from the "I am an idiot" rally.


Kelly the little black dog said...

you just don't get it do you ? First of all these aren't all kids. Yes there are kids there, but there also middle aged folks, parents, retirees, vets, and more. You and the media keep making this strawman argument that since all the protesters are kids they can just be ignored. The reality is that people of all walks of life are represented at the protests - even a few laid off investment bankers. In that regard they re no different than the tea partyers who you seem to identify so well with.

K T Cat said...

Having varied demographics doesn't make them any more rational. They're protesting corporate profits via Facebook using Apple products. They want jobs, but not profits. They want the government to tell corporations what to do and how to do it even more than they do now. That's the essence of fascism and fascism always leads to precisely the unfairness they're protesting. It's not well-intentioned to be firmly demanding things that are impossible, it's psychotic.

They might just as well be demanding that faeries come down from the sky and hand them marshmallows.

Rose said...

They're the followers - no different from those who died at Jonestown. They want others to decide for them and provide for them.

And this is one of the people pulling the puppet strings. Stephen Lerner, SEIU Neo-Communist Union Boss, Uses #OWS to Spread Fear, Economic Mayhem

People like Lerner have no interest in teaching people how to fish so they might feed themselves for a lifetime, as the old adage goes. They prefer to teach people how to steal fish from their neighbors.

That's the horse they intend to carry Obama back into office.

Let's hope they have overplayed their hand.

They telegraphed this back near the beginning of the year. They had to delay the launch (which was to target JP Morgan Chase because Beck exposed them. (Like Beck's schitck or not, he always gets them with their own words and recordings). "We're not broke. There's plenty of money. They have it. It's ours. All we have to do is take it. - start with students defaulting on their loans, and homeowners refusing to pay mortgages..."

Then Michael Moore launched the meme at a rally in Wisconsin, they tried a couple of times to get it off the ground, but failed, til now.

Multiple cities - this stuff doesn't come about 'spontaneously' - it takes on hell of a lot of "community organizing."

That scourge of the planet, Obama, the activist in chief is behind this dangerous disgusting insidious action.

He should be removed from office for high crimes and misdemeanors. Fomenting unrest. Setting countrymen against countrymen.

#OccupyWhiteHouse2012 - 2012 cannot come soon enough.

captcha: slesia - for Obama's sleazy tactics.

Secular Apostate said...

Oh, I think they're different from T-Partiers. I've only attended one T-Party rally to make some pictures, but I doubt seriously than any of their rallies, even the largest, needed to distribute leaflets explaining what to do if you're raped.

Yep. There are folks there from all walks of life.

tim eisele said...

Well, as neither a Tea Partier or an Occupier, this is what it looks like to me:

The Tea Party started because a lot of people were justifiably angry about the government dumping billions of dollars to bail their rich Wall Street buddies out of a jam. The Tea Partiers scared a lot of rich, corrupt people, who then did everything they could to discredit the Tea Party by unjustly painting them as racists, bigots, and religious lunatics. This tactic worked, and the Tea Party is now regarded by most people as an extremist fringe group, robbing them of most of their impact.

Occupy Wall Street started out because a lot of people were justifiably angry about the government refusing to even attempt to prosecute the fraction of their rich Wall Street buddies who are indistinguishable from counterfeiters, and who are the primary recipients of the vast sums of money that the Tea Partiers were upset about earlier. The Occupiers are scaring a lot of rich, corrupt people, who are doing everything possible to paint the Occupiers as communists, fascists, drugged out pseudo hippies, and lazy failed college students. It seems to be working, and they are rapidly coming to be regarded as an extremist fringe group, which will rob them of most of their impact.

They may be ending up in different places (which as an added bonus is giving the Powers That Be the chance to set the Occupiers and the Tea Partiers against each other, for further distraction value), but I think they really did both start from very similar starting points. It's just that there are multiple ways to be pushed down from the top of the same hill.