Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wall Street Fascists

... and by that, I mean the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

I've got some old friends on Facebook who are now regularly posting pro-Occupy Wall Street stuff like this.

As far as I can tell, that was Thomas Jefferson arguing in favor of a common currency. It only sounds like it has something to do with rapacious investment bankers. There was another one where FDR compared his opponents to fascists because they wanted to give free markets more power. I gently pointed out to my friend that this was completely backwards, that you might be able to accuse FDRs foes of being in favor of an oligarchy, but fascism was the exact opposite and he just ducked and kept going saying, "oligarchy, fascism, whatever" or something like that.

Mark Steyn has a terrific column on the Big Sloth movement of the Occupy Wall Street crowd. If you haven't read it yet, it's worth the time. No one does polemics like Mark and this one's a doozy. He does a great job whacking the obvious nonsense of the movement, but he's still missing the big picture as he calls the protestors "anarchists for big government."

The Occupy Wall Street protestors are, in fact, fascists.

Business is to be subservient to the government. The government is to determine national goals. Private property will be forced to serve these national goals through laws, regulations, taxes and tariffs. The goals they espouse are Peronist and not Nazi, but they are still fascists.

Would calling them what they are change perceptions?

Elsewhere across the Theocracy, there are plenty of opinions to choose from.

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