Sunday, October 23, 2011

Mitt Romney Has A Superb Campaign Organization

... and I hope they've all got day jobs on the side.

Politics is a sales job. The product is the candidate and the voters are the prospects. There are four different states for a prospect:
  1. He knows what you're selling and wants it. Easy sell!

  2. He doesn't know what you're selling, but wants what it does. A few demonstrations and you've probably got the sale!

  3. He doesn't know what you're selling and doesn't think he needs what it does. You have to convince him he needs it and that your product is the right choice. Tough job.

  4. He knows what you're selling and hates it. Get another product to sell because you're going to take a bath on this one!
Mitt Romney is a #4 kind of product. He's been running for president for 5 years. The Republican primary voters know who he his. They also dislike him. That's why, no matter what he does, he can't break 25-30%. If you've got a #4 product, you can double or triple your sales force and it won't make much of a difference. The quality of your organization becomes irrelevant if all you've got to sell is a bag of toads.

If I was one of his field operatives, I'd bring along a nice set of non-stick cookware to sell at the same time. At least I'd be able to see what success looked like.

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Foxfier said...

He's been running for president for 5 years.

Which is why we'll probably end up with him.

They also dislike him.

Which is Obama's big hope.

Oh, mildly related: I haven't fact checked this, but it made me dream for a second....

B-Daddy said...

I tend to agree, but maybe there is another category. The buyer needs your product, in this case a nominee to beat Obama and your product sucks slightly less than the alternatives. (Think of your bundled television/telephone/internet provider options, where I loathe AT&T and Time-Warner Cable, and satellite can't deliver all three.) Now your sales job consists of mostly pointing out the other guy's flaws. In fact, the telecomms do a lot of that. Same thing for Romney, he may win on the "I suck less and can beat Obama" sale.

Rose said...

I'm still for Palin - but she's not in - so far.

Though it feels like something isn't complete there.

I love Herman Cain, and would have hated having to choose between them - now I don't have to. EVERYONE I bump into who asks, "Who are you for?" and you say "Cain is interesting..." They get all enthusiastic, and start saying how much they like him. And I am talking many walks of life - and despite the polarization that normally delivers the Frosty Freeze to any political discussion.

Cain would be like Solomon compared to Obama the poseur.

But ANY of our candidates will be vastly superior. Yes, even Mitt, but I don't feel greatness there. Goodness and decency, and competence, yes, but missing that leadership thing.

Cain and Gingrich have it - they both take command. The debates, bad as they are, do reveal that.

Mostly Nothing said...

Republicans can't get caught in the same trap as Democrats in 2004. The campaign strategy was "Anyone but Bush". The results are well known.

Obama is the worst President the US has seen in the modern era, maybe in history. And I can not understand how any rational person could be for him. But if all the GOP has to offer "anyone", then they will condem the US to 4 more years of this destruction. It might not be able to survive.

K T Cat said...

Realistically, the Republican choice is between Romney, Cain and Perry. I'd prefer Cain, but I'd take Perry. Romney is just Obama Lite.

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