Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Maybe They Heard A Can Opener

Two mountain lions were recently spotted on someone's front lawn in Sierra Madre.


Kelly the little black dog said...

I think that called the sound of children playing in the front yard!

Rose said...

They're beautiful - and I love that they are there - but - I don't.

They're becoming plentiful up here, and that means they're closer to homes, and that means they can be in the forest around my parent's home, where the kids go running through the forest, like we used to, oblivious to the danger.

And the thought of it strikes me through with cold fear. Because a lion can drag off a deer, and the kids are smaller than that, and lighter, and perhaps even more defenseless.

There's the Disney-fied world, and then there's reality. Cold hard reality.

They are beautiful though. Can I have one?

tim eisele said...

Speaking of cougars, one was recently spotted by a trail camera not all that far from where I live. This is the first confirmed cougar seen in the wild in Michigan in just over 100 years.

K T Cat said...

It sounds like cougars are increasing in numbers. That's not all bad.

Kelly the little black dog said...

That's not all bad.

Unless you are mistaken for food! Those in the pictures looked like juveniles. I suspect they are still try to lean how to hunt and are looking for easier pray which unfortunately includes pets, children, and small women joggers. One needs to take great care when outdoors in areas with animals like these who don't have an automatic fear of humans.

K T Cat said...

Abundant predators mean abundant prey which means a healthy ecosystem.