Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Link Of The Day

Welcome Legal Insurrection visitors! It was very nice of Professor Jacobsen to throw me that link. I used to be more of the red meat conservative, but my faith journey is leading me to a gentler line of blogging. I hope you find something worthwhile on my front page. I'd deeply appreciate feedback and comments if you've got the time. I blog to learn and as you know much more about so many things than I do, your comments are always illuminating.

My old and very dear friend Kelly the Little Black Dog is a progressive* who is unhappy with President Obama, having this to say in a discussion with me the comments.
We seem to live in different realities. You see him as this socialist Marxist. I, and many progressives, see him as right of Mitt Romney.
Sincerely, I think President Obama was about the best the progressives could have hoped for, but apparently I'm wrong. Since most of my regulars are conservatives, it might be enlightening for all concerned to pop over to that post and put in your $0.02.

Devoid of rancor and anger, we might be able to learn something from each other about how we each see the world.

Kelly moderates his comments, so it might take a while for the conversation to develop. I'm still certain it's worthwhile for all concerned. Kelly is very smart, very well educated and as kind a person as you'd hope to meet. If you ever wanted to engage in a civil conversation with someone who didn't see eye-to-eye with you, he's your little black dog.

* - When I go off on progressives here, I wince a bit inside, knowing I'm taking a jab at my buddy. I certainly could use a little more prayer and allow a little more influence from the Holy Spirit before I write, of that I'm sure.


Kelly the little black dog said...

I have to agree with you that Obama is about the best the progressives could have hoped for. The middle has moved rightward since Reagan. And Hillary wouldn't have been much different. It frustrating to see him being painted as some sort of far left extremist when he's basically little different than Mitt Romney, and as for national defense policy has pretty much extended everything Bush put in place.

K T Cat said...

As much as I loathe Romney, I don't see him and Obama being interchangeable.

Kelly the little black dog said...

Not so much as interchangeable like legos. But they are both soul-less technocrats. They both see the world from the perspective of the wealthy and powerful. There is not an ounce of populism or passion in either of them. What the phrase mostly harmless. Before Mitt started running for president his policies were pretty close to those of Obama now. Pro-choice, free trade, cap and trade, and wishy washy on gay rights and traditional marriage. I'd say they are more similar then they are dissimilar.

Mutnodjmet said...
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Mutnodjmet said...

Let me try this again! Very thrilling on the Legal Insurrection link. You and Professor Jacobson are 2 of my favorite pundits. Congrats!