Friday, July 01, 2011

Dan Henninger And Who We Are

If you don't read or watch Dan Henninger's WonderLand column in the WSJ, you should. In my book, he's one of the best commentators out there. Enjoy.


tim eisele said...

While he does speak well, there was one problem with this:

He didn't actually say anything.

The only actual point he seemed to have, was that the debt is important in the long term. And even than was a pronouncement, not a conclusion of any sort of argument.

Other than that, I don't really see where he actually said anything helpful. He had nothing to say about where it would be best to cut spending, or whether it would be better to cut a large amount of spending without raising taxes, or cut spending less and raise taxes some, or continue with deficit spending and let inflation go where it may, or even to march on Washington and burn the place to the ground. It was all the same to him.

K T Cat said...

I thought his point was quite good - that it was a cultural definition, not necessarily a political one. The debt decision is all about who we are as a people, not about the exact digits one way or another.