Friday, July 01, 2011

The Cats Of Piombino

Piombino is a lovely coastal town south of Pisa in Italy. The castle that overlooks the water in Piombino is home to a colony of semi-feral cats. They're used to people and two of these three rolled over and enjoyed some petting before we moved on.


Rose said...

Love it!

Kelly the little black dog said...

Can they really be considered feral if they want heir tummies rubbed?

Love the trip photos. Sounds like you had a great time. Did you actually get to have an audience with his holiness?

Jedi Knight Ivyan said...

You cheated on the Maximum Leader???

For shame, KT, for shame.

K T Cat said...

Kelly, Il Papa normally blesses the crowd on Wednesdays from his apartment overlooking St. Peter's Square, but this particular week, he was out of town. He said Mass at St. John Lateran in Rome the week after we left, so we missed him all around.

K T Cat said...

Ivyan, we didn't cheat on her, we spread the good news of the Feline Theocracy everywhere we went. It was an evangelization tour!