Wednesday, May 11, 2011

For Tim

If you've never visited Tim's Backyard Arthropod Project, you're missing a real treat. Tim is a throwback to the days of the gentleman scientist. For me, his site is Why The Internet Was Invented.

In any case, here's a bug I found in my house the other night. I took about 12 shots of the stupid thing and this was the best of the lot. Between the drastic contrast, the wretched ambient lighting and the focal length of my shots, I managed to get the bug, but not fully in focus. It gave me an even greater appreciation for Tim "Karl Theodor Ernst von Siebold" Eisele.

Click on the photo for greater detail. Despite my bungling, I think it's worth the effort.


tim eisele said...

Nice plume moth! Given that they are pretty small, and your camera lens is probably not really designed for close work, it came out respectable (and good enough to make some sort of stab at the ID).

Speaking of which, looking at the plume moth photographs on

I'd say you are doing about as well as most of the other people who attempt photographing these things.

It could be the Geranium Plume Moth,

they have roughly the right coloration and are pretty common.

And thanks for the kind words!

K T Cat said...

I clicked around and found the other photos. You rock!