Thursday, April 07, 2011

We're Sorry, But From 20,000 Feet, You All Look The Same

"All Points Bulletin: Terminate with extreme prejudice a group of armed pickup trucks headed east from the town. They are known to carry Libyan Army units ..."
Rebel fighters claimed North Atlantic Treaty Organization airstrikes blasted their forces Thursday, in another apparent mistake that sharply escalated anger about coordination with the military alliance in efforts to cripple Libyan forces. At least two rebels were killed and more than a dozen injured, a doctor said.

The attack, near the front lines outside the eastern oil port of Brega, would be the second accidental NATO strike against rebel forces in less than a week, and brought cries of outrage from fighters struggling against Col. Moammar Gadhafi's larger and more experienced military.

"Down, down with NATO," shouted one fighter as dozens of rebel vehicles raced eastward from the front toward the rebel-held city of Ajbadiya.
Airstrikes without spotters on the ground coordinating the attacks lead to friendly fire incidents? Who could have seen this coming?


B-Daddy said...

This war has entered a phase of illegal activity. The initial justification of imminent humanitarian aid is over. Unless the President goes to the Congress for war powers, he is in violation of the law.
Further, air power alone can not win a war. It can tilt the balance of power. However, it begs the question, are we taking sides? If so, how is that not a war? How does it meet the requirements of the War Powers Resolution?

K T Cat said...

Hey, we ducked out before it got bad. It's not our fault! You can't prove anything!