Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Quick Comparison of Science Diet and Purina Cat Foods

... specifically, those our Maximum Leader would be fed.

  Science Diet m/d Science Diet Mature Adult Indoor Purina Healthful Life
Protein 51.5% 34% 36%
Fat 22% 20.1% 13%
Carbs 14.7% 31.9% not listed
Crude Fiber 5.9% 8% 6%

Science Diet m/d is their weight loss and diabetes prevention diet. It's a prescription diet* that you can only buy at a vet's office. It looks to me like Healthful life compares reasonably well with Mature Adult Indoor. Regular Science Diet food can only be found at pet stores. I've got to take Her Serene Furriness in for a vet appointment soon and when I do I'll pose the question for them, but until then, it doesn't look like I'm doing any harm feeding her Healthful Life.

* - A prescription diet?!? Huh?


Jeff Burton said...

I need a table showing a weekly supplement of one mouse (free-range and hormone free, of course).

K T Cat said...

Hmm. How about throwing in a lizard for good measure?

tim eisele said...

Ah, here we are:

What are the nutritional values of each type of mouse?

Looks like yer basic mouse is 17% crude protein, 7% crude fat, 0.3% crude fiber, and 70% moisture.

K T Cat said...

Tim, does that include the tail? I would think the tail would be full of fiber.

Mostly Nothing said...

We've always given our cats Purina.

We had prescription Purina urinary track health food for Fangio back in the day.

When we went to the Purina Geezer food when Fangio and Socks were older.

Now Gypsy has the regular stuff. She seems to like it. She does have us trained, though. She won't eat without being petted first. At least 6 times.

Anonymous said...

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