Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rental Car Review - The Chevy Cobalt

Short version: I loved this car. I would be glad to buy one.

Long version: I had a business trip to DC and Charleston this week and had a chance to rent and drive a Cobalt while in DC. I had the 4-door model without many options. The car was very nimble and had a much tighter turning radius than my Nissan Altima FredMobile. It also had more power. It accelerated onto the busy freeway quickly and without fuss. The car was well-built and I didn't notice any manufacturing defects or rattles.

The only thing I didn't like was the headrest, but I will admit I never took the time to adjust it. As far as the rest of the interior goes, I'm 6' tall and found the car very comfortable. I didn't get in the back seat, but it held all the gear I threw back there, so I imagine it was relatively comfortable, too. If my son didn't already have a car, I would seriously consider buying him a Cobalt.

The Chevy Cobalt: Cute, powerful and nimble.

Aside: I tweeted my approval of this car and within 24 hours, the GM Blogs twitterer had replied on Twitter and thanked me. Now they're following me. Way cool! That's a shows marketing sophistication on the part of GM.


Kelly the dog said...

I get so tired of the assumption that the big three don't make cars people like and that's the reason they're in trouble today. Glad to see you liked it. GM has a number of nice cars. I remember discovering a number of nice vehicles when renting autos on business trips.

We have two jeeps, an old wrangler and the new patriot, and are very happy. My biggest complaint with Japanese cars is that they just don't make front seats designed for tall people. That is what kept us from buying a Toyota or a Subrau.

Anonymous said...

Be careful... the Billion$ and Billion$ in the whole company is just setting you up for trademark infringement and will sue you for a few Trillion$....

(sapproo... isn't that the japanese beer after you've had a few?)

Gee Why said...

Nice to see a Twitter followup by GM. Wonder when we're going to do that for work?