Thursday, August 28, 2008

What I Learned from the DNC Last Night that George Stephanopoulos needs to be fired. Followed immediately by everyone else on all the TV channels. That was the worst coverage I have ever seen, except maybe the last time I watched political coverage about 8 years ago.

Bill Clinton's speech was OK, I guess, but the analysis afterwards was limp and brief. Osama bin Laden's decision to attack us on 9/11 was explicitly predicated on the Clinton Administration's weak responses to his previous probing attacks in Kenya and elsewhere. North Korea's bomb was built with Clinton's misguided help. Anything that man has to say about foreign policy ought to be fact-checked by the media. George and Co. just sat there and gushed about it.

If Clinton's speech was ho-hum, then Biden's was brain dead. When it was over I asked my fiancee, "What was he talking about?" It was filled with total nonsense and outright lies. It wasn't moving nor was it illuminating. His claim that on Iraq and Afghanistan Obama was right and McCain was wrong is clearly counterfactual. The MSM didn't mention anything about this at all.

Next week, we'll see the Republicans talk about the glories of tax cuts, but not be called to task for being profligate spenders. It's all the same.

What I learned last night is that the bloggers are the only ones providing valuable analysis. Everyone else is in collusion. The political speeches can be filled with outright lies and the MSM stands by and applauds.

Fire them all*.

Start with me!

* - this may be unnecessary. They're falling apart financially pretty fast as it is.

Update: I almost forgot. Maybe the worst parts of the speech of all were the economic woes. This has been a very robust economy for the last seven years. Our most recent quarter showed 3.3% growth.

Maybe I've got it all wrong. Maybe the polticians weren't talking about the US at all. Maybe they were talking about France.

Update 2: Who knows, the Republicans may well be fact-checked when it's their turn. That wouldn't surprise me. Dig this.
Here in Denver, there were audible cheers in the press pavilion from multiple directions when Barack Obama walked on stage. It's outside the convention center and no regular delegates are here — only press.


Anonymous said...

TV people is bad .... this post is nothing. What's written here REALLY makes no sense.

K T Cat said...

Thanks for the comment, anon. I turned off all distractions and carefully re-read the post, wondering if I had made errors in grammar or composition when I types this out in haste. I have to admit I can't see them. Can you be a little more precise in your critique?