Friday, August 29, 2008

A Real, Live Citizen as VP?

Just a few years ago, Sarah Palin was a hockey team mom. You know, the kind of person the Democrats talk about when they tell us that ordinary people are sticking their heads in ovens, taking baths with toasters and sitting in the garage with the car running because America is such an awful place. The kind of person the Democrats are there to help.

Now one of the little $@*&$#&*s is actually running for VP! My goodness, doesn't she know her place? How can she, a pathetic little ... housewife ... understand America? It's sickening! Oh, sure, she was the chief executive for a state that is a gazillion times the size of the miniscule state senate district where Barack Obama was gaining crucial foreign policy experience as a community organizer, but be serious for a moment. When they said they were the party of the ordinary Americans, they meant the ordinary Americans that know their place. This one doesn't know the first thing about handing out grants for urine-based performance art or tripling the education budget for no apparent reason. And I doubt she's taken the time to pass legislation to establish National Hispanic Lesbian Awareness Month.

Their response?

Back to your kitchen you pathetic little prole!

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Foxfier, formerly Sailorette said...

Bonus: three or four different reporters are implying or outright saying she's a bad mom for not staying at home.