Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The Psychological Profile of Bloggers

...can be found here. I just scanned it, but it looks great. I'll go into my reasons for searching for it later. Here's a key bit:

A few weeks ago, I collected some of the goals some bloggers had stated they had for 2008. I looked at those goals and extrapolated to certain qualities. These were the ones that showed up the most, in order of frequency of occurrence:

  • ambitious, achievement-oriented
  • interested in community
  • reader-oriented
  • visual
  • self-reflective
They also appeared to be interested in learning, a bit obsessed, playful, conscious of time management, value-oriented, and to have a desire to be effective and focused.
Most intriguing.


Rose said...

Of the bloggers I know, those qualities fit to a T.

WannaSmile said...

Very interesting;)