Monday, October 29, 2007

Marques Colston Runs Wild!

As As Marques Colston's unofficial publicist, it gives me great pleasure to inform you of yet another stellar game by my man Marques as the Saints beat the San Francisco 49ers, 31-10. First, he caught three touchdown passes. Whoa! That alone would have been enough to beat the 49ers. In all he had 8 catches for 85 yards.

The highlight reel for the game over at, is full of Marques' great plays.

The AP noticed his fantastic play, too.
Colston, who had just eight catches in the last three games, caught a 3-yard touchdown pass 50 seconds before halftime. He made his prettiest play in the fourth quarter, leaping to get the ball and dragging his feet in the final inches of the end zone.

"With the talent we have at receiver, you never know whose day it's going to be," Colston said. "It was good to go out and score quick, and get our swagger back."
The swagger is back indeed!

With the Texans losing badly to the Chargers, I wonder if our Official Artist is reconsidering his bet...

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Justin said...

Beating the 49ers? Psh, hardly an accomplishment. I'm not reconsidering anything.

On a totally unrelated note, could somebody please take the injury bug from us?